The Concept

Pita Fusion was opened in Round Rock, TX in 2008. Brothers, Nick and Tim Calandro started Pita Fusion with the goal to make people think twice about pita bread, and create a new American Sandwich. . . . and do it Pita Style.

No need to be afraid of “that kind of food.” Pita Fusion combines several cooking styles, recipes and product that combine to make a fusion experience that is unique yet approachable, is both comforting and healthy, made ‘slow’ but served fast. A completely different way to experience pita sandwiches, the first bite won’t whisk you off to the Mediterranean, but instead will remind you of how awesome it is to live in Austin, Texas.

When you build your own pita sandwich with Pita Fusion’s quality ingredients, homemade Texas-Inspired sauces (like Pita Fusion’s Jalapeno Ranch) and pile it all into soft, fresh, homemade pita bread, You’ve got an experience like no other.

Pita Fusion. Real Good. Real Healthy. Real Fast.